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Project Description
eyeArchive is a tool that should help DBA's to archive their MS-SQL databases (2000+).

Generated scripts create stored procedures (called by a single job) that will automatically move "old" records (based on custom conditions) to an archive database.

It is written in C# 2.0

One of the most challenges to DBA's is to maintain their databases responsive: they can agree with their business representatives how to flag data entities "as out-of-date". From a technical point of view, the implementation can become really tedious as the number of tables grow up.

Facing that situation, I decided to make a tool that should generate a standardized manner of archiving my data. After many night(mare)s spent on my computer, I finally release it: eyeArchive.

The basic mecanism is quite easy:
  • For each table, I define if I want to archive it; if yes, what is the condition to consider records as archivable...
  • Since archiving data means moving a record from its original place to an archive database:
    • Integrity rules must not be broken: dependent data will also be archived
  • Archiving is encapsulated in a job: you only have to schedule it...
  • "Anti-actions" are generated as well:
    • A "restore" job is also created: all records that do not meet anymore the archive conditions are restored (as well as their dependent objects)
  • From the original or archive databases, you can see all the records through consolidated views

With the engine, as sample application is provided as-is. This sample application is a wizard that will guide you through the steps of the the installation of eyeArchive on a database.


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